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VIDU Mini MBT Brackets have a rhomboid shape and a smooth surface, which together with the mini size allows the patient to feel comfortable. They are made of high quality hard stainless steel, precision casting technology and laser welding to ensure stable performance. Its low profile improves both aesthetics and patient comfort and sensation.

Features of the MBT VIDU Mini Brackets:

  • Lower profile improves both aesthetics and patient comfort.
  • New 80 mesh base, more tooth-friendly.
  • Manufactured with precision casting and laser welding technology.
  • Made of hard stainless steel to ensure stable performance.
  • Precision groove for less friction.
  • Smooth surface and mini size.
  • With hook in 345.
  • Kit 0.022″.
  • Content: 20 pieces.
Mini Roth VIDU Brackets


Metal brackets can be recycled using a sandblasting machine that conditions the bracket and increases its retention capacity on the tooth surface. VIDU works to always offer the most responsible solution and, while maintaining the necessary hygienic qualities in the clinic, always seeks a balance between fair price and care for the planet.

In the case of packaging, VIDU has developed 100% ecological and recyclable packaging in cardboard boxes as opposed to the typical plastic boxes.

Environmental impact meters >> Plastic footprint of the pack of 20 VIDU Brackets = 0 gr.

  • Weight of plastic used = 0 gr.
  • Weight of plastic collected = 0 g.
  • Type of collection: Normal
  • Location: Mediterranean Sea.
  • Data for each package of VIDU Brackets.
  • Certified by Gravity Wave.
  • VIDU Plastic Neutral Seal


  • Plastic Neutral. Certified by Gravity Wave.
  • 100% recyclable packaging. The brackets are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard, with clear instructions on the packaging for proper recycling and disposal. It’s very simple!
  • Online distribution. The marketing of these products is carried out via the internet, thus avoiding unnecessary transport and contamination.
  • Fair price. By achieving a fair and reasonable price, we always seek to offer the easiest and least polluting recycling solution possible, guaranteeing the highest quality and hygienic conditions for the products.
  • Responsible consumption. Don’t use more brackets than necessary!


VIDU Products


How can the waste generated in the clinic with the use of Metal Brackets be managed?

    • How are Metal Brackets recycled?

Metal brackets can be recycled using a sandblasting machine that conditions the bracket and increases its retention capacity on the tooth surface. Unfortunately, at the end of their useful life, they cannot be recycled as it has to be incinerated. VIDU is working on the development of alternatives and new recycling channels for clinical waste.

    • How can the packaging of this product be recycled?

The box used in the packaging of this product is made of 100% recyclable cardboard and it’s that easy:

  1. Flatten the box for easy storage and transport.
  2. Store in a dry place until recycling.
  3. When you have accumulated enough cardboard, place it in the nearest recycling bin.

Where do Metal Brackets come from?

One of the brand’s objectives is transparency, which is why the country of origin is always specified on the packaging of all products. It will vary from one product to another, always looking for the manufacturing conditions that ensure: Quality, sustainability and fair prices.

In terms of these brackets, they are manufactured in China.